Saveurs du Maroc

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L'application "FBoxTV" vous permet d'accéder depuis votre Apple TV, à certaines fonctionnalités de votre Freebox Révolution telles que:

•  accéder aux chaînes tv multiposte,

•  consulter la grille des programmes tv,

•  programmer des enregistrements ou rappels depuis la grille,

•  parcourir et lire les contenus (audios, vidéos, photos, et enregistrements) du disque dur de votre Freebox ou autres disques connectés,

•  consulter le journal des appels reçus, passés, et manqués sur votre ligne téléphonique Freebox



MyTouchHome app is an easy-to-use and straightforward home automation app, exclusively for HomeKit-enabled accessories. It allows you in a few touches, to configure one or several homes and set up home automation services fitting your lifestyle, regardless of the manufacturer. It also allows you to communicate with and control the connected devices of your home in the same simple manner, with only a few touches. Even better, Siri recognizes the elements’ name of your home and make it easy to execute sophisticated operations with a single statement (e.g. “Siri, turn on the lights in the living room.”, “Siri, make it warmer in the media room.”, “Siri, dim the desk lamp.”, “Siri, lock up my house in Tahoe.”, etc…).



RemoteMedia is an app that enables you to connect to a remote UPnP or DLNA Certified media server, browse its content (music, photos, or videos), and play it either locally on your device or remotely on any UPnP or DLNA Certified media renderer.



You get lost among the different store apps, the overflow of content or featured content, or the too many paths to find content. All you want is just a single app from where you could easily and quickly find either apps, music, movies, TV shows, books, audiobooks, or podcasts, this in a uniform and intuitive way. "E.Y.E.S." is made for you.

"E.Y.E.S." enables you to target your search by criteria, what brings you up just exactly to the content you are looking for.


Photo & Video

Want to organize and name your photos and videos as you want, directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and without needing to go through a computer, use Photo-Sort.

On trip or on the road and no computer within reach, don’t wait to be drowned in a flood of photos or videos, or to forget where or when they have been taken, or what they represent, organize them and name them directly on your iPhone with Photo-Sort.